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WARNINGS & RESTRICTIONS: There are many potential "dangers, toils and snares" on the ranch including, but not limited to, open bodies of water, poisonous snakes, scorpions, spiders, cactus, rocks, vehicles, equipment, livestock and wild animals; therefore, adults must be alert and exercise caution, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

NOTICE:  If you have an accident, are injured or bitten, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY, so that ranch personnel can help you.

Wedding Chapel
Weddings at The Ranch at Walston Springs can be held in the chapel, under an open air pavilion built from cedar trees cut right on the property, or on the smaller, more intimate wedding stage. There is also a dressing room with plenty of space, mirrors, and outlets for making you and your attendants more beautiful.  For those looking for Western Weddings, outdoor weddings, or just a unique setting, the Bar-S Ranch could be just what you're looking for. Decorations and furnishings are available for rent.
Wedding stage

The wedding stage set up for a wedding on a beautiful May afternoon.

Chapel wedding

The chapel set up for a June wedding.  The chapel has central heat and air.

Reception in the pavilion.

The pavilion set up for a wedding reception.

Bar-S Ranch dressing room

We recently added a dressing room where the bride and her party can make themselves more beautiful.  It has lots of counter space, several mirrors, plenty of outlets, a lavatory, and areas for hanging clothes.  It is also carpeted and has air and heat.

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