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WARNINGS & RESTRICTIONS: There are many potential "dangers, toils and snares" on the ranch including, but not limited to, open bodies of water, poisonous snakes, scorpions, spiders, cactus, rocks, vehicles, equipment, livestock and wild animals; therefore, adults must be alert and exercise caution, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

NOTICE:  If you have an accident, are injured or bitten, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY, so that ranch personnel can help you.

The Bar-S Ranch Resort counts several animals in the Ranch family.

The Bar-S Ranch dogs

The Bar-S Ranch Resorts has three dogs.  Our furbabies are, L-R: Hershey, Chocolate Lab mix, around 10 yrs old; Sally, buff Cocker Spaniel, around 7 yrs old; and Miss Coop, Basenji mix, around 8 yrs old.

The Bar-S Ranch chickens

The Bar-S Ranch chickens rule the roost.  We have six hens. The black chickens are all Ameracauna mixes, and are about 2 years old.  The eggs they lay are mostly brown, and one lays blue eggs. We can't tell the black hens apart yet, but their names are Angel, Emmy, and Farrah.  The two red hens in the front right are called Cinnamon Queens and we have 2 of these.  Their names are Queens Victoria and Liliuokalani (Lili).They lay varying shades of brown eggs.  The biggest red one in back is the oldest hen we have, about 8 years old, and her name is Shirley.  She rarely lays eggs anymore, but when she does, they are olive green and she is called an "Easter Egger."

Max and Sunni

Max and Sunni, the Bar-S Ranch guard cats guarding their domain, the garage.  Max and Sunni were adopted into the Bar-S Ranch family specifically to keep the garage free of pesky pests.  And they do a wonderful job.

An addition in July '09 to the Bar-S Ranch family is a dog named Coop.  There is a story behind her name.  One day, we were feeding the chickens in the chicken coop and were very surprised to find a stray dog in the hen house.  Now this dog was extremely thin and very, very skkittish. She had been in the chicken coop all night and part of the next day, and was so hungry she was eating chicken feed. We named her Coop.  We started leaving food and water out for her.  In about three weeks, she started letting us get closer to her and began taking food out of our hand.  After about 6 weeks she was following us all over the Ranch.  Today she is lively, but very loving. We are so glad she found us and can't imagine our Bar-S Ranch family without her.

Coop at the beginning

This is Coop about a week after she found us.

This is Coop today as she concentrates on whatever has caught her attention.

Hershey, Bar-S Ranch Chocolate Lab

This is Hershey, a chocolate Lab.  We believe he is an English Lab.  Hershey also has an adoption story (see Coop's story, above).  Hershey showed up on the doorstep of a friend who lives in town.  They tried to find Hershey's owners, but with no luck.  Our friend has a small yard and two other dogs.  They wanted to find a home where Hershey would have lots of room to run and play.  We had plenty of room, and Coop needed a playmate and friend.  So...Hershey is now part of the Bar-S Ranch family.  He is well loved by Ranch residents and guests alike.

This is Mustang Sally.  One day in November 2010, she followed  a guest, who had gone for a walk, back to the B&B.  She ran down the driveway and leaped straight into our arms, literally.  She very quickly worked her way into not only our  home and our Bar-S family, but also into our hearts.  She is lively, sweet, happy, and gets into lots of mischief, even though she has the face of an angel.  For this reason she is also known as Devildog!

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