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WARNINGS & RESTRICTIONS: There are many potential "dangers, toils and snares" on the ranch including, but not limited to, open bodies of water, poisonous snakes, scorpions, spiders, cactus, rocks, vehicles, equipment, livestock and wild animals; therefore, adults must be alert and exercise caution, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

NOTICE:  If you have an accident, are injured or bitten, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY, so that ranch personnel can help you.

The first bedroom is the "La Grange Room."  It is named after the famous "Chicken Ranch". It features an antique bed, 1800's settee, and a breakfast bar that is a glass top and a galvanized chicken hatchery with antique bar stools.  There is also an antique armoire.   The bath features a maids tub with a shower ring. $95.00/weekends, $85.00/week nights.  (48 hrs cancellation notice required or the room will be charged to the credit card) NO DISCOUNTS HOLIDAYS OR THANKSGIVING WEEK TO NEW YEAR'S.

LaGrange queen bed

Queen bed in the LaGrange bedroom. It sits on church pews. The theme is based on the famed "Chicken Ranch."

LaGrange room sitting area

The LaGrange room sitting area features an 1800's settee.

LaGrange room breakfast bar

The LaGrange breakfast bar has a glass top with a base made from a galvanized chicken hatchery.  It has two antique bar stools.

LaGrange bathroom

The LaGrange bathroom features a "maid's" tub with a shower.

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